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Specializing in Protecting the Farms and Communities of Colorado and Nebraska

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Independent and Comprehensive

Farms are now multi-million dollar corporations that need expert advise delivered by highly trained professionals to successfully navigate today's complex environment. Its our goal to build the capabilities of South Platte Agency to the highest level of service and expertise of any firm serving rural America.  The communities and professionals in Colorado and Nebraska have unique needs that require special knowledge and experience to solve.  We work with numerous multi-generational businesses that are striving to "stay in the family."  These types of issues demand independent and comprehensive solutions. They need wise advisers that can bring together and coordinate broad areas of expertise from financial and legal to insurance and investing.

Our clients choose us for a reason: we care. Our goal is to provide superior customer service, quality protection programs, and cost-efficient rates. We work one-on-one with you to make sure that you get a coverage solution that meets your unique needs and circumstances. We offer a wide array of products and have access to hundreds of insurance companies. We serve you first, not an insurance company.

In all that we do, our goal is to build long lasting relationships so we can provide you a high level of service for the many years to come. We offer you choice, flexibility, and protection for your home, car, health, and business. Our goal is to make sure you are covered today and in the future so you can worry less about your insurance and focus more on your passions in life.

We invite you to check out all the material on our website. If something prompts a question, please send us a quick email or call our office. We would enjoy speaking with you.